Cleveland Author Event 4.26.2014 at the House of Blues Cleveland Author Event 4.26.2014 at the House of Blues Jen and T.H. Snyder My awesome table mate!! 191834390 Jen and Tiffany Tyler Just as sweet as she is beautiful! 191834391 Jen's table My signing table! 191834392 Jen and Skye Turner She is just as cool as she looks! 191834393 Jen and Mom My wonderful mother in law who came to support me! 191834394 Jen and a fan This awesome girl came to say HI! 191834395 All business I think is when I was freaking out for the first fifteen minutes. :O 191834396 My favorite fans My two boys and my nephew were there, which was awesome. My little one was not so impressed with me. He was ready to go! :) 191834397 Jen and Flat Zac I Love Flat Zac! 191834398 The Music Room The House of Blues was an awesome Venue! 191834594 Freaking out This was me freaking out! 191834596 Meeting new fans I got to meet so many awesome people! 191834598 My Signing Table Not too bad for my rookie try 191834599 Mr and Mrs Sivec This is my handsome hubby and I at the signing. 191834600 The Line There was an awesome line! 191834601