Cleveland Author Event 2015 Cleveland Author Event 2015 On the Way 199064675 199064676 Heather Leigh! This beautiful lady was my table-mate for 2015. I adored her! She was right up my alley! 199064677 199064678 199064679 199064680 199064681 199064682 Tonya I FINALLY got to meet Tonya Nagle! She's quite wonderful!! 199064683 199064685 199064686 199064687 Anna! I got to meet my friend, Anna Kidd, finally! 199064688 Sonya This is Sonya! There is a character named after her in my unreleased book, the Lost Children; the Forgotten! Her character is kick-ass! 199064689 Patty Patty was our assistant for half the day and a wonderful new friend. I'm so happy I got to spend some time with her! 199064690 Sarah I got to meet Sarah, who coincidentally is now my Booktrope Book Manager. She's awesome! 199064691 Amanda This is my long-time Facebook friend, Amanda. She's wonderful and lives near me! 199064692 The Girls It's not a Cleveland signing without my awesome Sissy and Nikki! 199064693 Laura It wouldn't have been such a great day without this lovely lady! She was such a huge help! 199064696 Awesome I had to take a pic of this amazing book that a wonderful fan made for all of the author's books! 199064697 199064698 Flat Adam We had so much fun with Flat Adam. Even the hubby got in on the fun even though he knows how much I love Adam! 199064699 Carrie Carrie Statdler is A-mazing!!!!!! 199064700 199064701 199064702 199064703 The Gals I love Pam and JA Hensley! I'm so lucky to know them! 199064704 Male Models This needs no words. 199064705 Fun! Skye, Heather, J.M., Jaime, Stacey... It's impossible not to have fun with them! 199064706 199064707 Elizabeth This is one of my favorite readers! She's so wonderful and I'm so happy i got to meet her in person! 199065058