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Grey's Harbor; A Grey's Harbor Anthology

Welcome to Grey's Harbor, a small town nestled along the shores of North Carolina.
It’s a place where love is born and passions are ignited, where hearts are broken and second chances are plentiful.

Carol Cassada, Lark Griffing, Piper Malone, Jennifer Sivec, and JC Wing have come together to create this whimsical town with unforgettable characters who fight for love, forgiveness, and each other, and discover that second chances are often the best of them all.
Grey's Harbor Anthology (Grey's Harbor, #2)

Perfect Seas, A Grey's Harbor Story

Four women who have struggled to accept their imperfections search for a happiness they can’t believe they deserve.

Chloe’s life was perfect until she found a questionable photo on her husband’s phone and then received news that shocked her entire world.

Abi, Chloe’s sister, is a newly single mom who’s been pretending that life away from Grey’s Harbor is ideal instead of admitting that she’s been running away. She knows that once she returns home, she’ll never leave again and may lose every chance at independence.

Neena’s finishing college, but her troubled family life threatens to throw her off track time and again. When the unexpected happens it changes everything she’s ever known.

At first glance, Gina has the perfect life, husband, and children, but the person she presents to others doesn’t reflect who she is on the inside. A horrific childhood haunts her as she desperately runs from a past that refuses to let her go.

Two of these women will find love, one will learn to accept a life she never thought she could, and one will die as each of them search for perfection, in Grey’s Harbor.

Perfect Seas: A Grey's Harbor Story