Jennifer Sivec

Wife. Mother. Author. Seeker of the Extraordinary.
  I write to quiet the voices that tell me that I need to ...

When you think you're unlovable,

how do you find the courage to love?

I Run to You

All of Alyssa Bennet's life, the people who were supposed to love her the most have always let her down. Only Anna, her best friend, and Nona, her beloved grandmother are her only constants.

The unbelievably perfect Landon Daniels is Alyssa’s friend and stand-in boyfriend. When things suddenly shift, Alyssa begins to wonder if there might be more. For the first time in her life, she begins to hope that she’s worthy of being loved.

When the unexpected happens and threatens to snatch away her first chance at happiness, Alyssa must decide if she wants to continue her journey alone, or embrace the love she's always wished for. Her fear becomes her enemy as the pain she’s carried inside her entire life threatens to destroy her and everyone she’s ever loved.

Women's Fiction author, Jennifer Sivec explores hope, courage, and mortality in this gripping novel about one woman's struggle to discover what it means to come to terms with your past, and above all, love yourself enough to be loved.

I Run to You