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The Eva Series  - Heartbreaking Books

The Eva Series captures all of the ugliness and beauty of the human spirit, and explores how strong one can be, when there is no other choice.

Leaving Eva

Brynn Michaels has suffered more than most people could ever imagine.

Married to Adam, the love of her life, she appears to have it all even though she has spent an entire lifetime hiding both physical and emotional scars. When Adam pushes her to begin a family, he realizes that even their love might not be enough to save her from the darkness threatening to consume her. 

As Adam makes decisions about their marriage that will affect their lives together, Brynn is forced to face her greatest tragedy and fear alone. Just as she begins to believe she has found the strength to survive, a sudden loss sends her into a tailspin that just may destroy her forever.

Caution: Eva’s story contains graphic violence, strong language, drug abuse, domestic abuse, and child abuse. 

In this powerful novel, Author Jennifer Sivec delves into the selfishness and depravity of human nature. She begs you to wonder just how much one can endure before you break.

Leaving Eva (The Eva Series #1)

Losing Eva

Brynn Michaels' life has been far from peaceful.

As she and husband, Adam, try to pick up the pieces of their shattered marriage and find peace, they are able to find a small ray of hope in what’s been a tumultuous life.

Just when things are falling into place, a mysterious visitor arrives revealing an unexpected history that Brynn never knew she had. When the glimmer of hope that Adam and Brynn have found is cruelly ripped from them forever, they are forced to confront their greatest fears and Brynn's past all at once.

Will their love finally succumb to the most heart-breaking tragedy they could ever imagine, or will it be strong enough to see them through? Find out in this breathtaking follow up to Leaving Eva.

Caution: Eva’s story contains graphic violence, strong language, drug abuse, domestic abuse, and child abuse.

Saving Eva (The Eva Series #3)

Saving Eva

Eva Michaels has spent her entire existence alone, feeling the absence and emptiness of a life without a mother.

When love unexpectedly finds her, the hollowness inside begins to disappear and for the first time she is filled with hope. The deep suffering she has struggled through seems to be behind her but little does she know that her new love will jeopardize her safety and the lives of those she loves.

Adam Michaels has struggled to be a good father but has failed miserably. As he faces his own demons he realizes that he's losing the battle to be the man he once was.

When the past returns to them suddenly, Eva and Adam try to accept how it will affect their lives but as they are faced with a dark danger, they realize their survival isn't guaranteed. They begin to understand that they may never find the peace and love they've struggled so hard for in this powerful conclusion to the Eva Series.

In this riveting final book, Author Jennifer Sivec paints a brilliant palette of love and tragedy that is to be expected of such a raw and emotional series.

The Eva Series (The Eva Series #1-3)

The Eva Series Complete Collection

The Eva Series captures all of the beauty and cruelty of the human spirit, and explores how strong one can be, when there is no other choice.

"A Beautiful story of survival. Of love. Even through all the tragedy this story is so hauntingly beautiful. I adored Brynn, Nick, Eva and even Adam. Jennifer Sivec did a wonderful job with this. Have the tissues ready and be prepared for a journey."-Becky Wise

" have read all of author Jennifer Sivec's books and she writes some amazing stories!! I love her writing style, her characters and the breakneck pace that she sets. This is the complete set of her Leaving Eva series and it is amazing!! If you haven't read anything by this author, then start here! You can get the books separate, but there is no point as you will be one-clicking the next one as soon as you finish reading the previous book. This is one of my newest favorite authors and it is sure to become yours as well!"-Stephenee

Leaving Eva (The Eva Series #1)