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Olivia had a sister until one day she was gone forever...

The Good One, Part One

Olivia and her sister Molly grew up in a trailer park in a small resort town called Happy Endings, but their life together was far from happy.

When the unthinkable happens, Olivia must learn how to live without the person she loves the most and she is forced to keep secrets that she buries deep within.

Thirteen years later, an accidental collision gives Olivia the chance to finally experience love with Danny, who promises to always protect her. As Olivia and Danny build a life together she is suddenly forced to face a past she has struggled to forget.

Can Olivia find the strength within to save herself or will she lose everything, in Part One of The Good One?

The Good One: Part One (The Happy Endings Resort Series Book 41)

The Good One, Part Two

Danny and Olivia’s life together began when their hearts accidentally collided.

When Olivia’s past catches up with her time and again, she suffers immeasurably, pushing away the only love she’s ever truly known. Suddenly alone, she must try and find a way to overcome the demons that continue to plague her and destroy her life.

When the unimaginable happens, she and Danny must come together to face the worst tragedy of their lives, and once again they are reminded of the love they’ve desperately tried to forget.

Can the memory of their love be strong enough to bring them together forever? Or will they finally let go of the one thing that’s ever made them completely whole?

If you’ve read The Good One; Part One, don’t miss the riveting and emotional conclusion to Olivia and Danny’s search for love that never dies, and a life together that they can never forget.

The Good One: Part Two (The Happy Endings Resort Series Book 41)